These are the streets where people have simply been beaten too badly to cry anymore. When the trains pass, the only breeze. Loneliness. The Queen of the Catacombs used to spend whole nights in the station, watching, wondering who was in love, who wasn’t, who wanted to be, who couldn’t give a shit. When was […]

Three poems have just been published thanks to the lovely Rachael de Moravia & the kind folks at Burning House Press: thank you for reading Disjecta – Caesura – Membra, from ‘& The Little Light That Escaped (Vedute)’, by Alexander Booth

You turn back to your book. It’s a collection of letters. Of diary entries. A biographical explication here and there. The whole, it’s almost one hundred years old. Almost nine years now since those first rumblings, all those evenings, you read, and what has changed, what really. That avant-garde so-called, was it really ever anything […]

Back Now Out over A quiet street Shuttered against August’s heavy dull heat Threads of smoke From far fields Cloud-hidden stars Not one light across The courtyard Six years To write One Poem * (this poem comes from the limited edition chapbook Roman Hours, 2017)  

Stuck in a yellowed silence then simply stuck one post-catastrophe. Loves, leaves, that which was come apart in between. Colours now darker. Landscape other. Which worlds unsung which ones to come in that expanse the singular bloom: you: committed cadence of undoing. Some afternoons a wash of Flemish light flame-lined they flared across the iron […]  

My translation of Lutz Seiler’s story ‘Turksib’ was recently published thanks to the lovely folks at beautiful The White Review…you can read it here