You turn back to your book. It’s a collection of letters. Of diary entries. A biographical explication here and there. The whole, it’s almost one hundred years old. Almost nine years now since those first rumblings, all those evenings, you read, and what has changed, what really. That avant-garde so-called, was it really ever anything […]

He couldn’t sleep. It was three in the morning maybe, and summer. But it had been years already. Streets empty if unquiet somehow. Coming around the corner he saw a body on the ground, beneath one of the trees. Getting closer he recognized the man. Eyes open, breathing, but unmoving. Or unable. He crouched down. […]

We didn’t know him for long. He talked about working as a young man with Adamov on an interview for the RAI. He talked about how exciting it had been to read Beckett. His love of Pavese. And then marriage. Family. Etc. One day he just stopped showing up. It was right at the cusp […]

A pornographer, or a wannabe pornographer, I guess, she said, slowly rubbing a spindled finger against the side of her nose. In truth he was a banker, or just your typical grey-faced business guy. Had a lot of money to spend is the point, and seemed interested in young women. Like me. She tucked a […]

Digging in the red-dry dirt, fingers dry, and the air. Then looking out at the other side of waves. Ruins of indeterminate origin. A face in the back there, one face of many, what of it and why. Cicadas at night, their whirl and wind. Smoke on the edge; brush fire or home? The man […]

The story begins like this. No. It does not. There is no story. Or, they shovelled a load of speed, and headed down the coast. Saltpans. Sparse groupings of pine. Dust. A bar at the side of the road. A woman beneath a tattered palm of tarpaulin. A cigarette between sunned fingers and silent stare. […]

Setting Frenetic Sicilian Silent Illuminating Sovereign Violent Shameless & Annihilating Drug-like Absorbent Dust-filled Brutalizing High Authoritarian Funereal