A story of cities. Of rooms. Architecture and its opposite. Of twilight. Of being devoured. Of devouring. The figure stopped to look west, beyond the last buildings, the thinned-out treeline, avenue dwindling, pavement brittle, air brittle, and further on into the backward: Amber. Apricot. Bone. Bronze. Clay. Coral. Fire. Umber. Flame. Then the darker scene. […]

And one day awoke, looking toward the door. The cold silence of the stations like the ultimate one to come. Out at the city’s edges, night already close to frosting. The woods there, hiding, the rails, shivering. Granulated air. Brick. Cold water ripple, barbed-wire hand. A wonder we’re even here at all. Here is a […]

Three poems have just been published thanks to the lovely Rachael de Moravia & the kind folks at Burning House Press: thank you for reading Disjecta – Caesura – Membra, from ‘& The Little Light That Escaped (Vedute)’, by Alexander Booth

You turn back to your book. It’s a collection of letters. Of diary entries. A biographical explication here and there. The whole, it’s almost one hundred years old. Almost nine years now since those first rumblings, all those evenings, you read, and what has changed, what really. That avant-garde so-called, was it really ever anything […]

The story begins like this. No. It does not. There is no story. Or, they shoveled a load of speed, and headed down the coast. Saltpans. Sparse groupings of pine. Dust. A bar at the side of the road. A woman beneath a tattered palm of tarpaulin, a cigarette between sunburnt fingers. Vegetables, assorted fruit […]

So let’s have it out then, I said & once in a while one notices a shift of clouds, bruise-colored sky, black hills Now here’s a story, I said, finally here’s my story, something for someone to listen to The wind opened Swallows’ wings boomeranged the stubbled valley into patterns I said something in the […]

Back Now Out over A quiet street Shuttered against August’s heavy dull heat Threads of smoke From far fields Cloud-hidden stars Not one light across The courtyard Six years To write One Poem * (this poem comes from the limited edition chapbook Roman Hours, 2017)