A new translation of mine of an older Lutz Seiler poem, “homeward”, appears in the latest New England Review along with a lot more…thank you for reading

A gracious review of (my translations of) Lutz Seiler’s in field latin by Joshua Weiner

My translations of German Book Prize winning poet Lutz Seiler’s last collection of poems, in field latin, now available thanks to Seagull Books from your preferred booksellers Thank you for reading

Almost nine years now since those first rumblings, all those evenings, you read, and what has changed, what really. That avant-garde so-called, was it really ever anything other than a way of wasting time? In some sense a way of legitimizing what otherwise led, we know all too well, only to one’s haunting the back […]

New translations of mine of Nobel Laureate Herta Müller’s collage poems appear in the latest issue of A Public Space thanks to the kind interest of Brigid Hughes & Lena Valencia

Without my having noticed Something Had changed Not that I could leave But could no longer stay Inside the small A glimpse, overheard Perfect my death word    

I recently translated Lutz Seiler’s poem “pitch & blende” for German artist Susanne Kriemann’s exhibition of the same name, a collaboration with the Prefix Institute of Contemporary Art, Toronto. “Pechblende (Chapter 1)” will be showing at the Schering Stiftung on Unter den Linden in Berlin from March 18. The catalogue will be published in early […]