Another excerpt from my long piece ‘Scheggia’ (Shrapnel) is up at ‘Cairo’s coolest cosmopolitan hotel’, The Sultan’s Seal, thanks to Youssef Rakha The scent of sun and ash, a taste of resin, blame. Summers across slanting floors and smiles like sickles for thoughts of flight. Abandoned streets and a feeling of sinking. Makeshift holes not […]

I am very happy to have my poem Scheggia / Shrapnel featured in a web-exclusive for World Literature Today So what did you do with your freedom? A kind of blackout, he said, I did what one does. I anesthetized it. That’s: me. Read more by following the embedded links above

After many wanderings the Queen has finally found a home thanks to the fine folks at RIC Journal…buona lettura A heavy, humid day to September’s end an old tobacco and sweat-encrusted queen crookedly steps from the backseat of a car and shuffles across the white piazza. Middle-aged to twilight, she says to herself, I know […]

A top-thin pine drips winter Rain, red brick wet, white sash And windowpane; sky a wash Of gray on gray on gray (impromptu, Friday, January 4th)

Three poems by Friedrich Ani in my translation are up thanks to the kind folks at No Man’s Land…thank you for reading “summer’s voices are removed, once again we play the missing game outside, inside the room in twos“

Morning through the window, the inner courtyard: no shaft but throat, the space, the pearlflecked light now cotton, now cocooned. Tea. A candle. The same sweater worn for weeks. Radio. Black bread with cheese. The light that comes. The window. The silence. The story here has always been the same: back & forth a wandering […]

Three poems have just been published thanks to the lovely Rachael de Moravia & the kind folks at Burning House Press: thank you for reading Disjecta – Caesura – Membra, from ‘& The Little Light That Escaped (Vedute)’, by Alexander Booth * A face glimpsed as if framed through a space between the lattice-work of a […]