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Fragment: Junk

He was a pornographer, or a wannabe pornographer, I guess, she said, slowly rubbing a spindled finger against the side of her nose. In truth he was a banker, or just your typical grey-faced business guy. Had a lot of money to spend is the point, and seemed interested in young women. Like me. She […]

Fragment: Beach

Digging in the red-dry dirt, fingers dry, and the air. Then looking out at the other side of waves. Ruins of indeterminate origin. A face in the back there, one face of many, what of it and why. Cicadas at night, their whirl and wind. Smoke on the edge; brush fire or home? The man […]

Fit & Start

The story begins like this. No. It does not. There is no story. Or, they shovelled a load of speed, and headed down the coast. Salt marsh. Sparse groupings of pine. Dust. A bar at the side of the road. A woman beneath a tattered palm of tarpaulin. A cigarette between sunned fingers and silent […]

Some of Lampedusa’s suns

Setting Frenetic Sicilian Silent Illuminating Sovereign Violent Shameless & Annihilating Drug-like Absorbent Dust-filled Brutalizing High Authoritarian Funereal  

What is & is to come

one long run-on sentence of winter smudged the stubbled landscape * (some of) what is & is to come :

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Seiler: Turksib

My translation of Lutz Seiler’s story ‘Turksib’ was recently published thanks to the lovely folks at beautiful The White Review…you can read it here