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Travel in late autumn

Will any of this have mattered, this, another city, what life and when. A morning in late autumn remarkably leaved and there is sun. Something lived, something loved, here too once you’d been, and chosen. Late morning yet the light still tired, as for too long yours now too, defined somehow not by what was, […]

Junkshops & Asta Andra

Somewhere in their mauve the pearled string Alleyways of seas twiststreets I found Empress Augusta’s piano quiet & a hollow Rococo patina rimmed lumbered Into courtyards coarse with ragged snow A magic-box vision pasts scored in light (opening to an old unpublished poem, circa 2004)

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[…] There in his place on the pavement all his faces frozen in the back there begin to come, in the last golden light between andante and adagio, on ladders, on streams of sun, he sees them all, with those just leaving, with those just arriving, to this, the world, and though impossible, the world, […]

Souvenir 1

A smell like summer or rather the spray one associates with summer beaches that peculiar sweet smell and how soon before one’s made something that never happened She smelled like spray or rather summer and I think she was So here’s a rose and here’s a note and here a boy and a girl before […]


Long the light, & still Hot. First reds, a yellowing In leaf Breeze on burnt grass In corners the shadows of wings * (this poem first appeared with Konundrum Engine Literary Review)


Eveningsong Slim sun-edged thumb Of Roman brick Umbered, undone This late valley dozing Under a late spring sun You still want what will not last Still before the blue At evening, sound, come * (this poem originally appeared in Oxford’s halfcircle poetry journal, Issue 2)