Pleasure’s wreath no flower What time we had most Likely wasted & no way Now of getting back Afternoon adagio Into evening as the ever August into wine Straw burned winds warm Azalea, oleander & ruin * (this poem first appeared in Oxford’s halfcircle poetry journal, Issue 2) Advertisements

Thankfully my own contribution to my good friend Anke Becker’s project Fernweh has finally arrived to her in distant Nebraska…I urge you to also take a moment to view her own work

I don’t know when, or how, only that in a strange city one April I awoke to snow and understood my old life had unceremoniously taken leave. On a street, abandoned to the whiteout to come, I saw, if that is how things were, and it unquestionably was, I would similarly and ruthlessly have to […]

One of Alexander Booth’s translations of Italian poet Sandro Penna (1906 Perugia – 1977 Rome) was recently used in the Washington, D.C. public transportation system together with a photograph by Bianca Sforni as part of the 2013 Year of Italian Culture. A collection of those photographs and translations also appears in bookform, entitled Next Stop: […]

Questi paesaggi arrugginiti, stanchi sotto un cielo grigiastro alla soglia di primavera: quante volte visti dalla finestra di un treno, verso la costa, o verso l’interno?

A translation of one of Marie Luise Kaschnitz’s (1901 Karlsruhe – 1974 Rome) poems from her 1952 collection Eternal City

Two of Alexander Booth’s poems in Italian translation by Paola del Zoppo & a reflection in Italian on Lutz Seiler’s poem abfahrt / departure