Thankfully my own contribution to my good friend Anke Becker’s project Fernweh has finally arrived to her in distant Nebraska…I urge you to also take a moment to view her own work Advertisements

I don’t know when, or how, only that in a strange city one April I awoke to snow and understood my old life had unceremoniously taken leave. On a street, abandoned to the whiteout to come, I saw, if that is how things were, and it unquestionably was, I would similarly and ruthlessly have to […]

One of Alexander Booth’s translations of Italian poet Sandro Penna (1906 Perugia – 1977 Rome) was recently used in the Washington, D.C. public transportation system together with a photograph by Bianca Sforni as part of the 2013 Year of Italian Culture. A collection of those photographs and translations also appears in bookform, entitled Next Stop: […]

Questi paesaggi arrugginiti, stanchi sotto un cielo grigiastro alla soglia di primavera: quante volte visti dalla finestra di un treno, verso la costa, o verso l’interno?

A translation of one of Marie Luise Kaschnitz’s (1901 Karlsruhe – 1974 Rome) poems from her 1952 collection Eternal City

Two of Alexander Booth’s poems in Italian translation by Paola del Zoppo & a reflection in Italian on Lutz Seiler’s poem abfahrt / departure

Alexander Booth has recently been awarded a 2012 PEN American Center Heim Translation Fund Grant for his translations of the German poet Lutz Seiler. For more information please see their website.