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More Insulae

Another two Insulae (Latin for ‘islands’, the word the Romans used to refer to apartment houses or city blocks) have appeared — two different cities, if both certainly southern, two different rooms & two very different life-times — courtesy of Cairo’s coolest cosmopolitan hotel, The Sultan’s Seal, thanks once again to Youssef Rakha…you may visit […]


One of my ‘Insulae’ is up at the wonderful The Sultan’s Seal, thanks to Youssef Rakha…buona lettura

More Shrapnel

Another excerpt from my long piece ‘Scheggia’ (Shrapnel) is up at ‘Cairo’s coolest cosmopolitan hotel’, The Sultan’s Seal, thanks to Youssef Rakha The scent of sun and ash, a taste of resin, blame. Summers across slanting floors and smiles like sickles for thoughts of flight. Abandoned streets and a feeling of sinking. Makeshift holes not […]

Periodo di chiusura

Back Now Out over A quiet street Shuttered against August’s heavy dull heat Threads of smoke From far fields Cloud-hidden stars Not one light across The courtyard Six years To write One Poem * (this poem comes from the limited edition chapbook Roman Hours, 2017)  


Thankfully my own contribution to my good friend Anke Becker’s project Fernweh has finally arrived to her in distant Nebraska…I urge you to also take a moment to view her own work

Questi paesaggi arrugginiti

Questi paesaggi arrugginiti, stanchi sotto un cielo grigiastro alla soglia di primavera: quante volte visti dalla finestra di un treno, verso la costa, o verso l’interno?