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A top-thin pine drips winter Rain, red brick wet, white sash And windowpane; sky a wash Of gray on gray on gray (impromptu, Friday, January 4th)

Disjecta (Caesura) Membra

Three poems have just been published thanks to the lovely Rachael de Moravia & the kind folks at Burning House Press: thank you for reading Disjecta – Caesura – Membra, from ‘& The Little Light That Escaped (Vedute)’, by Alexander Booth * A face glimpsed as if framed through a space between the lattice-work of a […]

Periodo di chiusura

Back Now Out over A quiet street Shuttered against August’s heavy dull heat Threads of smoke From far fields Cloud-hidden stars Not one light across The courtyard Six years To write One Poem * (this poem comes from the limited edition chapbook Roman Hours, 2017)  


Thankfully my own contribution to my good friend Anke Becker’s project Fernweh has finally arrived to her in distant Nebraska…I urge you to also take a moment to view her own work

Questi paesaggi arrugginiti

Questi paesaggi arrugginiti, stanchi sotto un cielo grigiastro alla soglia di primavera: quante volte visti dalla finestra di un treno, verso la costa, o verso l’interno?